Validation error

Good day,

I cannot validate my account, it says ‘there was a validation error on this request’.

What can I do?

Thanks in advance

In which moment you see this message? What are you doing just before that?

I paid 6 Euro for the physical card. Then I wanted to activate the card and I had to validate my account, but I can’t do that because of a ‘validation error’.

I don’t know what to do.

Do you have this cards?
This card if active for online transaction. To use it in other way you have to make any chip and PIN transaction (I suggest withdraw some small sum from ATM)

No, I’m waiting to receive the physical card and I still don’t have it.
I can’t withdraw money from ATM.

You dont have the card but you want to activate it?

What do you want to validate? Do you mean to verify your identity on Revolut? Where are you based?

Yeah, I want to validate my account and verify my identity, but I can’t do it because of a ‘validation error’.

How do you attempt the validation? And where are you located?

In the App, in the step before taking a photo of my ID and face I find the ‘validation error’.
I’m in Spain.

Alright, yes in that case you’d need to upload a picture of yourself and your ID. Are you using the latest version? iOS or Android? Try to contact support, they should be able to help (just expect some possibly lengthy waiting time - support has been very slow for quite some time)

I would try to delete and reinstall the app.

Yeah, the thing is that I have the ‘validation error’ message before the step of taking the pictures, so I can’t take them.
I’m Android and I contacted support, but they didn’t answer. I also think they’re very busy.

I would have to do so if I have no answer from Revolut…

I was wary of suggesting that because of potential re-logon issues … force-stopping and clearing the cache might also work (Android-only, no idea if that works like that on iOS too ;)) but that might be complicated

They are, right now too many customers and not enough staff - the usual story :wink:

Did you make sure to get past the chatbot by typing “live agent”?

Yeah, but the live agent wrote me that he was going to pass me to a specific team, but nobody answered me then

Ok, in that meaning only cache cleaning is quite safe. Clean app data almost equals new installation (on Android)

Ohoh, I was hoping the first level support could solve this themselves. The “specific team” means you are going to hear from them in a week a more :frowning:

Lets summon @AndreasK (even though I’d assume he will respond only tomorrow). Alternatively maybe @JessicaZ today

As for your Android question, yes you could clear the cache and force stop it (first stop, then clear). That might fix it but no guarantee :slight_smile: - it should not log you out though (DONT delete the application data itself, only the cache)

Okay, I’ll try it, thank you!

Okay, thank you so much for your help :wink::wink:
Hope @AndreasK or @JessicaZ could help me