Validation card process is blocked


I tried to activate my credit card, after submittingmy identity documents, the app ask me to submit additionnal document but there is no button to do this. Now the verification process is blocked and i can’t submit any document. Can you help me to validate my card please.


Hey RIhab, you need to do this through support. Use the in app chat to get a hold of a customer representative by typing “live agent” they should be able to help you or transfer you to the correct team.


I have already done this yesterday but they have not answer me


Have you had no answer at all ? If not then you can type “resolved” and then “live agent” to request a new custom representative.


Yes i get an answer they give me the possibility to add documents, i have added it, but it was under verification until now.


You are now verified?


Not yet the card is always not verified, the verifications process of documents is not completed unyil now


Hi there. Thank you for your patience. I’ve escalated this issue to the relevant team which is better suited to help you with your request. Please note a member of the team will contact you via in-app chat shortly.