Using VISA in Bali


Hi I am looking to travel to Bali in June. I have just ordered a physical card for myself and my wife on the same day(today). I was shown a Visa card as a choice for my card and a Mastercard choice for my wife. I am looking to use the cards for payment but initially obtain cash from ATM’s to get us started in Bali.
Would I be able to withdraw cash from ATM’s using both the Visa and Mastercard?

Revolut in Singapore and Bali – Short summary

Yes, you can, but please read this:


Thank you so much. Your guidance was much appreciated.


Last comment is more or less paranoid. :joy: Just do not get too drunk.

Remember the limits for cash? Do you have one account for each others?


Yes we each have a separate account set up. It’s just weird that I was offered the Visa card only when I signed up and my wife had the Mastercard. I am just hoping that the ATM’s take both card at withdrawal stage on separate occasions.


I’ll be on Bali in July/August. So pretty much the same questions popped up. I’ll have my Revolut MasterCard and an ING DiBa Visa.

Only thing – but not effecting me – is that my co-worker told me that Gili Air has 2 ATMs and 1 was empty all the time.


Got back from Bali. Had issues using Revolut at ATM’s. The transactions were cancelled at the ATM when requesting money. Tried various ATM’s from different banks and tried both my card and my wife’s. Luckily, I had taken some cash GBP that I exchanged that got us through. Then borrowed from friends and family.

Using the card for payments at restaurants, hotel and attractions was fine.

At the ATM, I was asked which language, amount and type of account I held (savings).

Overall experience of Revolut card, I was stranded without cash and had to use the little GBP float I had taken for emergencies as no ATM funds were provided. Very stressful. However payments using cards was fine.

My advice to all travellers to Bali, take cash just incase the ATM’s give you grief. Enough to last you for your casual spending.


Great that you give us that feedback!
I wonder if the ATM can be used differently. I remember there was something about savings and ???


@Haribol11 I am on Bali now and wanted to give a first feedback. I’ll right a little more detailed later.

So basically it looks like MasterCard realy is spread widely. We drove from the airport to Tanah Lot and “We prefer MasterCard” at mostly every store/restaurant. I think you’ve seen that, too. And indeed I had issues withdrawing cash (cash is king) from the first 2-3 ATMs I tried. Support had no idea what’s wrong. The transaction somehow arrived in my app but was declined. The ATMs might have been from the same operator (some red logo and the menu was like Windows’ blue screen).
My girl asked me to try a third one close to a restaurant. More modern ATM (speaking one :smile:). Et voilà! Cash! I’ll try other ATMs AS well. Below the logo. I used the option “credit card” and it gave back my remaining balance as well.

Note: it is not on the list of the MasterCard nearby app.


That ATM/That operator was not accepting my MasterCard (See Image below). Also Just 2 hours ago a guy in a supermarket used the BCA terminal instead of Mirinda(?). He had to choose between €&Rp and pin or signature. The device seemed to be frozen – payment arrived at :r: – was declined. I asked him to try the Mirinda device (yellow) which doesn’t give any choice but Rp and pin and worked within seconds. :slight_smile: