Using Virtual cards at an ATM via the Curve card/account

Hi All,

New Revolut user (old Curve/Mondo user) here. Sorry in advance for the long post!

I have read through the existing posts on using Curve and Revolut together, but I can’t find an answer to my questions anywhere.

I have a physical card in Revolut set to GBP which I plan on using in the UK, but I am traveling to Turkey in a month and wanted to avoid having to get a load of currency. Having read the posts on here, using ATM’s appears to be no issue, but the monthly limit (even on a premium account) would not be enough. I thought a solution to this might be:

Open a virtual card in Revolut --> Add the virtual card to Curve account as a new card --> Set currency in Curve account for new Revolut Virtual Card to Turkish Lira (TRY) --> Use curve card in Turkish ATM to draw as much as I need (you are allowed 10 withdrawals per month, no £/$/€ limiting up to £5k per month) --> Enjoy Holiday

My questions are:

  1. Is this even possible with a virtual card in Revolut? i.e. can I use the Curve card in an ATM and attach it to the virtual card, not the physical card?
  2. Does the currency setting on the Virtual Revolut card matter? i.e. do I have to set it as TRY like the Curve card, or does that not matter?
  3. I assume that if I deposit £1,000 in GBP to my Revolut account, I can EITHER convert that to TRY in advance and get the prevailing rate at the time of conversion OR leave it in GBP, make the ATM withdrawals in TRY without conversion and get the rate of the day. Is this assumption correct?

Thank you in advance for the help… I know its a little technical and specific!


If you already have a physical Revolut card you can use that - doesn’t matter about the currency although avoid DCC at the ATM.

Standard Revolut limit is £200 or currency equivalent at ATM. Premium Revolut is £400.

Remember there is a 0.5% conversion surcharge at the weekend.

To answer the question about linking a Curve card to Revolut physical, yes you can do this and it should work at ATM (Does for me). But doesn’t Curve have a similar withdrawal limit?

You can avoid Curve currency surcharge by setting the currency of the country you are visiting in the Curve app - this will pass the currency to Revolut for conversion but again avoid DCC.

Hope this helps

Hi there

Yes you can link a Revolut virtual card ( Visa or MasterCard) to Curve, no problem at all. And then use Curve in the overseas ATM.

As you point out, it’s better to let Revolut handle the currency conversion, rather than Curve. Curve charge the MasterCard rate plus 1%. Revolut uses the interbank rate which is usually better, especially on weekdays. There is a surcharge over the weekend.

Be sure to set the Revolut Card (physical or virtual) within the Curve app to the currency of the country you’re in. Then you can choose either to let Revolut convert ‘on the fly’ from your base currency, or you can preconvert within the Revolut app, as long as that currency is suppprted within the Revolut Wallet.

Hope that’s clear :slight_smile:

Curve card doesn’t support TRY. I think that they will charge you a 1% currency conversion fee.

TRY is currently depreciating fast, 200 GBP gets you over 1200 TRY, which is not a bad amount. I’ve been in Istanbul recently and could use the Revolut card to pay almost everywhere and barely used any cash. The only downside is that restaurants don’t accept to charge you tip on the card, so you need some cash there.

Does anyone have a refund problem to a virtual visa. I verified the curve card to PayPal using a virtual card and the refund didn’t came through. The first one(the small amount) is just the registration and the second one(PayPal code) the verification. Only the first one came back to my account.

The thing is that I was been notified by curve when the refund returned to me, but it wasn’t in revolut accounts( eur or gbp)
Any suggestion?