Using Transferwise to transfer BRL to a Revolut UK Account

Hi there,
I was wondering if anyone has added the Revolut UK account as a recipient in Transferwise. I have money in Brazil and would like to send some to my UK Revolut account.

You cant currently hold BRL in Revolut. Its not quite clear to me what you’d like to achieve. You have money in a Brazilian bank, alright. And you would like to hold that with Revolut, alright. Where does Transferwise come in? Or are you saying you have the money in Transferwise?

Thanks Alessandro for the help. I’m actually hoping to use Transferwise to transfer money from my Brazilian Account to my UK Revolut Account, but I’m not sure it can be done.

Which currency would you like to have eventually in Revolut?

Never transfer the wrong currency to a bank account, for example BRL to a GBP account. That’s asking for trouble, i.e. a terrible exchange rate by the receiving bank (which is Lloyds, not Revolut).

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