Using the bank beneficiary address for billing?



New to the world of banking terminology here :slight_smile:
I noticed that some sites won’t allow me to pay with Revolut if I set my billing address to the one I set as my personal, billing address in Revolut. Probably due to the issuer address (UK) being different to my billing one? Not sure.

How much of a no-no is putting Revolut’s beneficiary address as the billing one for sites with broken checkout options? (EG, Google Play)


In case a merchant uses AVS (address verification system), you need to enter your billing address. That would be the address under “profile”. Otherwise, a payment would be declined.

But there is something else. Some merchants like the Apple iTunes Store or Sony’s Playstation store also use a card’s issuing country code for locking in regions. A UK issued card can’t be added to a German iTunes account, for example. This is separate from AVS and changing the billing address would not help here.

Revolut is going to issue “local” cards for Spanish customers to help them avoid ATM fees for “foreign” cards soon. Maybe they are going to issue “local” cards in other regions as well?