Using Revolut with Postmates, Grubhub etc.

When trying to add my card to services such as Grubhub or Postmates they ask for a US zip code in order to authorize the card. I’ve tried with 0000 as well as the zip code of the location where I’m currently staying, 78249. However, all authorization gets declined as the zip code does not match my Norwegian one on in on Revolut. Any ideas on how to get around this? My Norwegian zip code is 4 digits, unlike the 5 digits in the US.

Hey Bendik

I think you need to try and contact the two companies directly and ask.

Maybe you can just prepend a 0 to your norwegian postal code ?

I’d second that. It seems they are not prepared to deal with non-US cards, respectively cards not registered to a US address.

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I’ve heard people have had success with padding their post code with zeros abroad.

For example if your post code (UK one in this example) is LE5 5EY (not sure if this is a real post code but it matches the format!) then you would put 55000 as your post code.

I know I’m a bit late but did you get anywhere? @BendikHa

My Norwegian post code is 4 digits compared to the 5 digit ones in the US. I’ve tried adding zeros in the beginning and the end of the zip code. What did solve the issue was Apple Pay. While you can’t use a non-US card with these delivery services, using Apple Pay works without any issues.

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Can anyone tell me how to post a comment? I spent over just trying to authorise a bank transfer. I tried to complain but after having to fill out a load of inane questions, I gave up on the complaints form.

The transaction was help for screening - fair enough BUT when I tried to authorise it, I got an unknown error on the web site and. the app just froze.

When I tried the contact link on community page I got an error 404

It is so mickey mouse that it is unbelievable.

The customer support is almost non existent and it is the worse chatbot I have ever used. After 55 years working in IT (yes - I started in 1967) I thought that I had seen it all but this is beyond a joke. We closed our business account because of the excessive KYC (almost every transaction!) and I am looking to see if one of my other accounts gives e a free Euro denominated card before I close my Revolut personal account. I tried to find an appropriate place to post this but gave up.