Using Revolut with Lyft


I know there’s been posts on here stating that you can’t use Revolut with Uber but has any one had any experience with being able to use it with Lyft?? Going to the USA soon so would be good if I could link my card to that

On a side note, does anyone from the Revolut team have any update of if/when you can use Revolut with Uber?? Or indeed Lyft if the answer to the above is a no


No experience myself but this was published elsewhere on Community in case it helps:-


Yes that’s right. As they dont accept prepaid cards, but if you already have another credit card linked then you can add your Revolut account as second card and it should be ok. At least this for Uber.


Ok so after a couple of attempts to add the card to the Uber app using the method above (it kept declining until I got a Revolut pop up notification saying I had disabled e-commerce transactions - rookie mistake) it has now been verified (I think) as I now have a pending transaction in my account from Uber, albeit for £0

How long does it take for the pending transaction to be authorised, if indeed it ever does being a £0 amount?? Or will it stay on there indefinitely?? Or just get rejected??