Using Revolut to purchase MetroCard in NYC


Hi, was there anyone who purchased the metrocard successfully in NYC using Revolut Card? May I know which station? I landed two days ago on JFK airport, on the Jamaica Station, the vending Machine couldn’t read my card, while almost every ATM in NYC charges service fee of USD$3 if withdrawing cash. I asked Revolut customer services, they replied that some terminals do not have online connectivity can’t support Revolut card.
so far as I checked, the stations below won’t take revolut card,
Jamaica Station
Roosevelt Av - Jackson Heights Station
Whitehall st Station
Broad St Station
Wall St Station
Bowling Green Station
Fulton St Station
I wondered if anyone who successfully purchased or refilled their metrocard in NYC using Revolut Card can tell which station they went to? In hope of coming up with a list, so the next person using Revolut Card in NYC won’t disappointed as me. It was so annoying that I had to went back to the terminal again to withdraw cash and being charged with the service fee. Then went back to Jamaica Station to purchase metrocard. Such a waste of time!


Hi Ethan,

This is a known problem, there are a few topics about this, including : NY subway ticket machines
So for now, better avoid using :r: at the MTA machines.

As for the 3$, it depends on ATMs. I faced the same issue in California recently, but those are fees charged by the banks there, nothing to do with Revolut.
If you’re patient enough (or do some research) you should find some free ATMs :slight_smile:


Sure there are free ATMs available in US. But just to mention what I’ve seen here, that when taking out cash, sometimes they won’t notice you that they add withdrawal/bank fee, which is quite unpleasant. You just can see it later on at your statement.


Thanks quentibn,
I thought some people keyed in zip code were able to. Okay, so all MTA machines don’t take Revolut Card. thx again!


oh really? I couldn’t find any free ATM is NYC. so got charged withdrawing. thx for info btw!


Usually, regular banks are free in many locations. But it seems that all major banks seem to have agreed on a fee in big cities. I was able to withdraw without a fee in NY and SF at Bank of America. I can’t remember which ATM exactly, but it was still relatively central. Manhattan or Park Slope.


I c. Thanks Frank!
too bad. already left New York. couldn’t have the chance to find out anymore.
btw, i’ve just complied a incomplete list of Revolut - List of ATM’s that don’t charge fee on google sheet. i was thinking would that be a good idea if there is a list of banks which don’t charge while using Revolut card. And all of us can share and access to before Revolut comes out their official list.