Using Revolut to be paid

Sorry… new user here and very much appreciate that this may already have been asked and dealt with but I can’t find the right search to locate where!

i want to set up a competition on the upcoming US Masters with an entry fee. I’m thinking if there is some way i can email round a link or details by which people can submit their payment with a reference to my Revolut card, I would get instant confirmation of receipt of any payments made and know which entries are valid.

Is this possible to set up?

Hey @Augustine :slight_smile:

This would be more fit for an API implementation, which is available for Business users, but you can also request money to any phone number and create personal links that can be individually tracked for payment with credit card from a personal account. The other way would be giving them your account number, but this would not be instant nor cost effective from the US.

Could you be more specific on what’s your exact idea?

Also, I highly doubt this goes well with the T&C of the personal :r: account :confused:
I am pretty sure there are some other alternatives in the market which would be a better fit for your needs, IMHO :smile:

Hey Juliopp

The exact idea isn’t much! It’s just to get a form of sweepstake going on the Masters which kicks off on thursday lunchtime UK time. We need a deadline for entry fees to be submitted and while those in the actual offices can stump up cash, I wanted those who are in other offices or on holiday to have the means of submitting their guesses by email with a payment of money before Thursday midnight to validate their entries.

I’d want to be in a position to send out the latest scores on Friday with a definitive list of the prize monies associated with finishing 1-2-3. The guy who did it last year paid out in full but fell short of collecting it all in so lost out personally.

Not wanting to give out by own bank account details, I envisaged something where I could request payment to my Revolut card with a reference, and then I would get notified of each payment made online to link it up with the entry form.