Using revolut in singapore


Hi everyone!

Here is my situation. I created my revolut account in France last year. I now moved to Singapore and would like to use my revolut card and account there too.

I thus added my singapore bank account details into the revolut app, but everytime I am trying to top up my revolut singapore account, I am not being offered to top up in the SGD currency. Why ?

I’d like some help to understand how to transfer singapore dollars from my singapore bank account into my singapore revolut account, as I can’t select this currency in the app…

ThAnk you


In case of SGD you only can top-up your account by wired transfer. To do this you have to provide all revolut’s account details on your bank’s side.

Topup by card is allowed in case of


Thank you redi very helpful !

So just to confirm, I can top up by transfering money from my singapore bank account to my revolut account ? Or do I have to do a transfer to revolut that will then credit my revolut account ?

Thank you !!


Yes, topping up via wired transfer is just sending money to revolut account via SWIFT

  1. To type referrence number
  2. To check costs in your Singaporean bank (pricelist)
    Then… wait until your revolut account will be credited :wink::crossed_fingers:


Thank you redi.

In the end it seems to be a costly operation… you have to pay bank fees to transfer the money, but also if I m sending Singapore dollars in a UK account - I guess I’ll pay the currency change fees too ?

And will I pay again currency fees when revolut will credit my singapore account then ? ( pounds to Singapore dolls …)

Thank you again


Transfer fee will be applied (not revolut fee)
And then there is no fee when money achieved your revolut account- at least when you’re spending money (withdrawal cash is free until 200 EUR or equivalent monthly, then costs 2%)
There is no exchange fee.

You have to remember that exchange ratio during weekends is worse than this during work week, but you can omit it exchanging money earlier.


Hi! I live in Singapore and I am in the queue to get a Revolut card since more than 8 months now. I am wondering when can I finally get my account open? Thank you!