Using Revolut in New York Subway Vending Machines


I just want to share with everybody my experiences on attempting to use my Revolut card to buy a Metrocard from a subway station. All appeared to be going well until I was asked to put my ZIP Code in. The guide book I had told me to leave the field blank and press OK which I did only to be told that the ZIP Code was incorrect so the transaction had been terminated and my card had not been charged. A subway worker heard me telling my wife about the problem and he told me to put 99999 in the ZIP Code field which I tried with the same outcome. He then told me to try 00000 but the outcome was the same. I then gave up and paid cash. Imagine my surprise when 3 transactions appeared on my Revolut account! These were for $62 each as I had been attempting to buy 2 7-day unlimited ride tickets. $186 out of the $500 that I had pre-loaded on my card is a fair chunk! I got in touch with Revolut Customer Services who told me that they couldn’t just clear the transactions from my account but if the transactions weren’t confirmed within 10 days they would automatically drop off and this is indeed what happened. The Revolut card was great everywhere else in New York but I would not try to use it on the subway again.