Using Revolut in Croatia

The same issue happened to me at Pula. I withdraw 1000 kn with 28kn on Erste.
The intersting thing is that, last year, on Makarska I found a lot of ATM’s without fees. Last year a have Revolut Mastercard and meanwhile, it was change into a Revolut Visa…

Look at Euronet
Its an expensive ATM operator
Completely legal

Just used an Agram Banka free of charge in Split, the only bank so far that did not charge me.

Hi All, on my way to Dubrovnik old town from Babin Kuk region after trying Raffeisen bank (39 HRK), OTP (35 HRK) and Euronet (29 HRK) i was almost ready to give in to my wife and just withdraw at euronet :worried::sweat_smile: … then my last try was Sberbank bankomat and while I was limited to a max withdrawal of 1,000 HRK, it didn’t charge any fees! This is with my new Revolut visa card i got a month or 2 ago.

ATM google map location: Vukovarska ul. 36, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia

The bank is set a couple buildings back towards the harbour fron this pin location, and the atm is on the left side wall of the entrance as you look at it.

Hi, I used Agram bank when in Dubrovnik and wasn’t charged a fee. There was an ATM just outside the old town wall gate near Kozum supermarket. There were three cash points and I think it was the middle one. Three res anther one as you walk towards Tommy supermarket on the other side of town, outside the bank of the same name, which does excellent cash exchange as well. Hope that’s helpful. November 2022

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Further to my last post, Agram banka ATM on Ulica Teute 1 in Split also has zero fees for withdrawals.

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