Using Revolut in Croatia

If you are withdrawing money on ATM from ZABA Bank (Zagrebacka Banka), they (not Revolut) will charge you 28 Kuna (KN) per transaction. Just to know :slight_smile:

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PBZ (Privredna banka Zagreb) they are charging 33 Kuna (KN), FYI. Have a nice vacation and stay safe :smiley:

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Free of charge. Verified now.

How come that Auro Domus (PBZ) ATMs in Croatia charge a surcharge of 35,- kn to selected MasterCard Revolut cards? Both me and my brother have tried to withdraw cash with a MC Revolut, he was not charged and I got the information that a 35,- kn fee will be applied. We compared our account setup and both seemed identical, only my card was released one year earlier than his.

My main account is in PLN, so I converted the PLN to HRK, to secure the desired amount for withdrawal (800,- kn) and the ATM told me that there are insufficient funds on my card. It seems like the ATM was only checking my account in PLN which indeed didn’t had enough funds, but there was enough funds on the HRK account to withdraw.


ATM operators use card BINs to determine things like country of issuance. When the BIN database they’re using is outdated or faulty, you can see inconsistencies like this. You can compare the first 6 to 8 digits of the cards in question. Are they different? That would be a hint that the issue is BIN related.


That’s correct, my card BIN is 539123 while my brother’s is 527346. The first number shows on some BIN checkers as US, while others show it’s UK. The second BIN seems to be recognized as UK, so I guess that’s the reason.

If this indeed is the case, shouldn’t the ultimate ATM list here also additionally to the card issuer also have the BIN with which the ATM was checked? As it shows in my case, even ATM that shouldn’t have any fee, have it because I was unlucky with the BIN assigned to my card.