Using Revolut for AirBnB Payouts

I’m a bit of a Revolut newbie, so please bear with me if I’m missing something obvious! :stuck_out_tongue: I’m trying to use my Revolut account to receive AirBnB payouts (I use AirBnb to host people in my apartment). I am from Malta and my Revolut base currency is in EUR.

Unfortunately, when I select Malta as my country on AirBnB, and then add my Revolut IBAN as payout account, it tells me that the IBAN is too short. (This is because the Revolut UK IBAN is only 22 characters long, but an IBAN from Malta is expected to be 31 characters long).

If instead I select UK as a country and add my Revolut account details, AirBnb only lets you get paid in GBP. So basically I’m losing money due to different exchange rates because I’m getting paid in EUR, but AirBnb is converting that into GBP.

Is there any way around this? Ideally, I want my IBAN from Revolut to be 31 characters long so that it matches with the country selected (Malta in this case). Is this possible?


Your only options might be the personal GBP or EUR accounts then where the reference is not needed.


Have you tried contacting AirBnB to see whether they are able to resolve this issue?

Revolut’s IBAN/BIC whilst unconventional, is perfectly fine and may require adjustments on the paying bank.

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I tried contacting AirBnb but they said that the IBAN needs to match the
country. Therefore, if I am from Malta I need a 31 character IBAN.

Another problem is that I need to give AirBnb the reference number that
Revolut uses for SWIFT payments (since the IBAN is not unique to me).
Unfortunately, there’s nowhere where to input this reference number on

It’s a pity, I would have loved to use Revolut for this! :confused:


Couldn’t you transfer the Airbnb money to PayPal and then transfer it from PayPal to revolut??
It may be a solution

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REVOLUT, I would be very glad to know if this has been addressed. I would like to lino my Airbnb account as well. Thanks!

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Hello, I was thinking, you can use TransferWise EURO iban to receive payment as they provide an IBAN from Germany (you can also mention in Airbnb that you are from Germany, not Malta, right?). Then with the TransferWise debit card you can top-up for free your revolut account.

Hope it works. Cheers

I would love to get this addressed as well. :slight_smile:

Hi anyone found solution to use revolut for airbnb payments ?