Using Revolut card on Paypal

I have added my Revolut Card to my paypal account and noticed that something strange. If i do a paypal payment, in euros, it automatically sets the currency to GBP but then i change the conversion rates and choose to be my card provider to do the rates, even so checking the final value, the value is being converted to GBP and then back to Euros again.
I have also done a payment that was in US dollars, from microsoft press, set to be the card provider to do the rates and it happened the same. In this case the value was for $19.99, which is about 17€ but i was charged 19.70€ so… yeah, its a big no no!


I see but I don’t understand… Are you blaming Revolut for that? How can it be responsible for the way Paypal processes your payments? This post should appear on a Paypal board or something…
As far as I know, you have some settings on Paypal for things like conversion rates. Did you check them?

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I’m not blaming per se revolut, just describing what happening to me and trying to have a clear explanation. For me, i won’t be using revolut in paypal, also not google play as it also did the same even when the currency there is already in € Euros and using the revolut card i end up paying more than the app price!
Anyway, I did opened a ticket with paypal and they confirmed that when you change the conversion rates to your card provider they charge the value in it’s initial currency, they don’t do any rate conversion. To check this, and also because i wanted another book, I did another purchase using my debit card trough paypal on the same store (ms press), the ebook was also the same price as the previous and guess what, was charged 18.50€ for the $19,90, opposed to the 19.70€ on revolut. Same price, same settings.
Another thing strange is, if my revolut card balance is in Euros why the heck some stores “auto-detected” GBP for it and try to credit in that currency?!

Well I experience that GBP/EUR thing too actually. I do on Amazon… I register the card and I’m asked if my currency is GPB or EUR with GBP predefined. I guess because Revolut is a GB based company, but just a guess. Anyway… I set the correct currency and that’s fine. No issue whatsoever.

I did register my card on Paypal as well, but didn’t use it so far, so I can’t help you, with that… sorry. But my hunch is that the key to solve your issue is in you Paypal account, and the way it processes your card. Maybe it does some “default” stuff that you can change… but hardly Revolut can help.

All in all, the GBP/EUR thing is something you want to have as that’s one of the advantages of subscribing, and more currencies will soon become available. If you don;t feel safe using your card on Microsoft, I advice you to spend some time with Paypal customer support to sort things out, or just use a different card with Paypal…

But if you do, please do share your experience with us :slight_smile:
Good luck!

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Maybe I’m not explaining clearly or something went missing… I did used other cards with Paypal, hence this post. Revolut card on Paypal is the only card, for me, that is converting to GBP then back to EUR even when the payment is already in EUR - and my account balance is in EUR. This, in total honesty is just stupid, ending up - as happened in one purchase i did, paying more that the initial price due to this double rate conversion!
I’m not bashing or something like that, just telling my experience and see if someone on Revolut can explain this.
And no, this is not on Paypal because i compared using my debit card and also I had been using, from long time ago, temporary cards like Revolut virtual cards there and this never happened. With the Revolut card, with same settings, and as they suggest on the FAQs - to set the rates to be done by them (revolut) so we can have the best rates possible, I’m getting always a double rate conversion. Every time it goes to GBP then EUR, even for EUR!! Again, this happens always when making the payment thought PayPal (and using the revolut card).
If i use the card directly most of the times it’s fine, like amazon (.uk and .es), decathlon, garmin, and other stores, only 2 or 3 did the conversion to GBP but showed it before payment. On Paypal+Revolut, setting the rates on card provider - Revolut, then paypal shows only the initial value but on the Revolut app then the debit shows as GBP and EUR, again, even for EUR!
I have a similar pre-paid card from my bank, also visa type, and never had this issues with it. So i was wondering why with Revolut I get this.
If you do try this, revolut and paypal, then check if it happens or not with you. For me, it’s a big don’t use it together.


It sounds to me like you have Paypal’s auto currency conversion activated and you’re always charged in GBP:

Deactivate Paypal’s currency conversion. Then Paypal will charge your card always in the currency of the merchant’s bill.

@ihackalot is right, the Revolut card is indeed recognized as a UK card.

I don’t use PayPal these days but I was under the impression that they made it impossible (or nearly impossible) to opt out of their currency conversion. Maybe this thread will help:

Perhaps your other cards are not UK-issued, which is why you only noticed this with Revolut.

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@Frank I have it deactivated.

@trulove you can. You can do it during the payment, setting the conversion rate to be on card provider or on the fund settings just change there so you don’t need to do it everytime.

As i said, i have always set the rates to be on card provider, and even so, I have that conversion to GBP first. Paypal support had checked and confirmed, for the same examples i said here, that the values were charge in the same currency of the seller and no rate on them was made.

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Hi @imbl, integration with Paypal and Revolut works like it is supposed to be for me. So I can confirm this is not a general problem. I would contact Revolut via social media and ask them to look into this.

Actually @trulove offered you both the solution and the temporary work around.

The solution:

To update the currency PayPal use to charge your credit card, please email PayPal directly with the following information:

  • The last two digits of the credit card affected.
  • The currency you want to use for your credit card.
  • The dates of the transactions that were charged to your credit card in the wrong currency.

Here’s the work around:

Until we update the currency for your credit card, you should complete the following steps when you send a payment:

  1. Click ‘Other Conversion Options’ on the ‘Review Your Payment’ page.
  2. Choose ‘Bill me in the currency listed on the seller’s invoice.’ Select this option to ensure that your credit card is charged in the currency you want.

When you choose this option, you won’t know which foreign exchange rate has been applied to the transaction until you receive your card statement. Your card issuer will determine the foreign exchange rate to apply to the transaction.

Both at:

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@Frank thanks for your input. Yes, I’m trying to reach them, also Paypal support agent said they will contact Revolut directly to check what happened on those transactions because they hadn’t done any conversion on their side, even so there was a double conversion done. Let’s see the outcome on this.

@ihackalot I also appreciate your input but, without being rude, what part of “i already had that done” is missing here? I seriously think that you aren’t reading my comments here…
And to clarify, what you present as a solution, from that post that i already had gone through even before posting here, is not a solution! it’s a workaround that the paypal support agent recommended at that user, at that time, because the user wasn’t able to change the default conversion rates on paypal! So they had to do it manually! And your workaround isn’t a workaround, it’s an option that paypal offers when you are already doing the payment!

For reference, PayPal has (currently) 2 options for dealing with currency conversion:

. A default payment conversion, which affects any future payments, and can be set at the manage funding settings page for each card you have. Here you can choose paypal to do the conversion rate or to have paypal charge directly without any conversion rate, which will be done by your bank card provider.

. An “on the fly” payment conversion, which happens when you start the payment in paypal and where you are presented with the conversion rate that paypal will do. Here you can then change the conversion rate to be done by your bank provider and not paypal, but for that payment only.

Hope i was clear.


The part you are actually missing is: “you don’t know what you are doing monkey :hear_no_evil:”.

Seriously @imbl don’t worry :slight_smile: No offence made, none taken! After all being rude is just another of your issues, not mine, which adds up to the one you are presenting on this topic, so well… not so good for you. I was just trying to help, this is none of my concerns… :blush:

However, you are lucky! Apparently I was willing to make a purchase and so I decided to try paypal on this, following exactly the very same instructions I presented on the work around kindly provided by @trulove. Here’s the screencast about how the adventure goes… no spoiler, sorry, you have to watch it :smile:


So… I faced the exact same situation and came out of this jam pretty easily and at first try! I don’t even think I can call it an issue… mhmhmhmh… Two things here: the first is that I do read and understand pretty well, thank you for raising that… checked! Which doesn’t mean that you actually can… can you @imbl ? Why purchasing books otherwise… mhmhmh… :disappointed_relieved: maybe you are doing so in a desperate attempt to figure this whole reading thing out at an adult stage, ok :disappointed_relieved:… and the second being a corollary… did you consider the remote idea of being doing this all wrong and possibly being the only one to blame here? Think about that… but mostly, try not being rude to people helping you out… read carefully at what they write if you are capable of, eventually learn and then come back… Being nice would be one less issue for you to solve. Have a nice day!


Thanks for making a screencast demonstrating exactly what i had been doing in the first place. Congrats!

I’ll finish with a little secret, my rudeness is mainly due the lack of patience of repeating over and over something i had been saying since the beginning.

Nice day to you too!

BTW, find it funny how you have been updating your text in the last minutes to do and redo kin jokes around and finding an “adult” way like you say to try to call another person, in this case me, as stupid and dumb.
Truly funny!

Have a delightful day Sir! You sure made mine! lol


Hey everyone!

There is a way to disable Dynamic Currency Conversion on Paypal, meaning that you will ALWAYS be billed on the sellers’s currency. The option is well hidden but it’s there.

To do this go to your Paypal’s Summary Page > Seller preferences > My automatic payments - Update > My preapproved payments > Set Available Funding Sources > On your :r: card, Conversion Options > Bill me in the currency listed on the seller’s invoice.

Hello, I have the following situation: I’ve linked my revolut card to paypal and then I’ve made a booking using paypal. Afterwards I canceled the booking, and the amount that was taken it is listed in paypal as being refunded. Moreover, when I access the details of that refund on paypal, it says that paypal has refunded the money to my revolut card. The thing is that my card didn’t get credited with that amount. Does anyone know how much time revolut needs in order to process this? Or is it a paypal issue? Any advice on this from your previous experience will be appreciated. Thanks

Did you finally get you money back or not?

Yes, that amount of money was credited to my revolut card after almost 1 week.

Hi !

I can’t find the Conversion Options -> Bill me in the currency listed on the seller’s invoice on my Revolut cards (physical or virtual).
I opened my account today and didn’t receive my physical card yet so I added my virtual card on Paypal


You need to do that on Paypal! Always the merchant decides about the currency of a transaction.