Using Revolut card in Mozambique



Is there anybody who used Revolut MasterCard in Mozambique?
Any hints for ATMs in Maputo, paying in stores, etc. ?

What currency mark-up should be expected?


No idea, sorry

These are the mark-ups to be expected :slight_smile:


Where’s this screenshot from? Couldn’t find it in FAQs, but the numbers are actually matching the live rates in the app! Wow another positive change in Reovlut. THB is no longer 1,5% but around 1% marked up. Awesome!!!


I’m glad it’s useful :smiley:

You can find it at the bottom of


So I had a look at this table- very useful as information source- but also verified and double-checked the rates.

They’re fine for THB and RUB, so around 1% for PLN conversion (that shouldn’t matter anyway what currency I’m converting from), but for UAH, it’s over 2%. This is not good and the rates mismatch is pretty big.
A couple of hours ago, that was PLN/UAH: 7.01(revolut) vs 7.17(

Definitely something to look into- UAH is just as important as THB, LOL :wink: