Using Revolut as primary bank in US (4 month student)



I’m going to the US in the fall 2018 to study and is considering using revolut as my primary bank when abroad and was wondering if anyone have been using Revolut as their primary bank and if it sufficient for that usage.



My advice to you would be to consider how you are going to top-up your account affordable…

I’m in the same situation and unfortunately now, using a non-EEU debit / credit card is no longer possible for free through ApplePay (widely the most popular method of top-up, because up until now, it was free!).

Other than the top up issue, it works great in the U.S


Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m lucky to have a card within EU. I’m thinking about topping up with a large amount before I travel and not continuously. Would it be safe to keep over 10k usd in Revolut?


Problem is once youre in the US and swap phone numbers more likely you won’t be able to access your account anymore through the app. Unless of course Revolut will be available in the US by the time you move.

Just something for you to consider.


You can use Revolut and do your top ups through your current phone in the US. It works just the same. I have my data roaming turned off but it all works on WiFi, there is free and easily accessible WiFi everywhere!
Take a spare phone with you and buy a sim only PAYG (I use Tracfone) for local call/text/data.
Hope that helps.


Support can change the number for you, I believe. As long as one remains a legal resident of any EEA country, log in with foreign phone numbers might be possible.

At least this is my conclusion from various posts about this. I haven’t tested it myself. It’s also not something I would recommend for short term trips. But shouldn’t be a problem for a 4 months period.


In terms of changing phone number- I don’t know how it works but looks nice (from change log)


If you’re a resident of a supported country and use US VoIP number with Revolut just fine


One thing to keep in mind is credit score: debit and prepaid cards don’t build your credit score. If you never immigrate to US it doesn’t matter but if you plan to immigrate at some point, start building your credit score ASAP. Get a secured credit card, even better get several credit cards but make sure they have no annual fees. Check YouTube channels of Credit Shifu and AskSebby for more advice on details but getting a lot of credit cards early will improve your credit score long run as long as you do at least a minimum payment on time.