Using Revolut as a Business Travel Card

Is it possible to set up a business account with multiple cards for business travel.

For example:
One account held by the finance manager (topped up from company paypal account) and around 20-50 cards held by the employees. Finance manager tops up all employee cards prior to travel and can see all transactions the employee makes.

I am looking for a solution for subsistence for business travelers, at the moment we give them cash prior to a business trip and they return unused funds and receipts, however we want to go completely paperless.

Is this possible?

you can have multiple employees each with their own account and card.

each card has it’s own limits and you decide which balances (“accounts”) they can use, so they could share pots or have dedicated ones to each of them.

if using slack’s integration you will be told when each of them is paying something including employees’ name in real time.

beware about the weekend markup though.