Using Premium MasterCard after cancelling premium account


I already have physical standard Visa. It seems like the only way to get physical MasterCard in the UK is to sign up for premium account which I honestly don’t really need.

Can anyone who cancelled their premium account tell me if the premium card will still be working?


I dont know if i have to laugh or to cry. I guess people are willing to go far just to get this pink or black or silver color…


I am pretty sure it will still work however. Remember to read the cancellation policy for premium as it is a 12 month contract

If I was you i would wait for the Metal cards to be released, i would say it is worth the wait :wink:


You can laugh or cry if you wish but it would be better if you just read the post.

There is no other way way to get MasterCard in the UK but to sign up for premium account. I dont need premium account but badly need MasterCard.

I don’t care about black, pink or metal cards.



Did anybody test if Premium MasterCard works after cancelling premium membership?