Using one account on different phones

Hi! I’m resident of Ukraine, and my brother is resident of Poland, so I can’t register Revolut card on my name, but he can. The question is: if he do it and then send me card for using here, will I can log in his account (registered on british phone number) via my phone with ukrainian number? and if I do, the next question is - can we use his account together, he from his phone, and I from my at the same time?

Right now, an account is strictly associated with one phone number. One needs access to that phone number (text messages) for several critical functions.

Having said that, installing the app on more than one device and logging in is possible. But one would still need acces to the phone number that was used to set up the account.

I have no idea if the app could run on two devices at the same time. I doubt that. Have you used the search in this forum here? I would assume this question was asked before.



Yep, :r: can run on 2 phones, but you can only authenticate using 2-factor SMS on one phone.

I don’t think account sharing is supported, however.

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Thanks a lot! No, I didn’t look for similar question here before, I needed fast answer and you gave me it. Thanks again!

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Howbeit, that’s not a trouble for me and brother to contact online and he can send me all information, including sms for authentication. Thanks for the advice!

How do you log into the same account from a second mobile phone? Installing the App on a second mobile requires a new account to be created. Grateful if you could explain the process.

You just need to log in with the phone number you used to set up the account with! (You need access to text messages sent to this number, though.)

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Thanks Frank. I figured it out eventually after first inadvertently setting up a duplicate account! Thanks for your help. :+1: