Using My Travel Insurance

Hey I was wondering if anybody who has used the Travel Insurance (any coverage) would be willing to share the story, of course Positive or not so positive :slight_smile:

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Having the possibility to easily consulting its term & conditions would be nice too… :smirk:

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I am metal so I have the Insurance, and I can easily find the entire T&C and the short version too, in the App.

Really? Can you tell me where?!? :sweat_smile:

Click on your picture on the main page, then go to "Insurance/ Personal / Travel Insurance. Then click on the “all policy documents”, and have a blast reading

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I don’t have any Insurance / Personal / Travel Insurance on my own page. I’m on Metal too.

Only some details on plan page, no documents at all… :thinking:

Try via the “hub”? and then the prevoius explained pathScreenshot_20211114-195535_Revolut

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Yesss, I finally found it!!

Thanx a lot!!

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The Travel insurance is useless, takes forever to get a reply, I have a case right now, my wife had an accident, the week before I had to go to France, provided all documents from hospital, travel agency and so on, complete claim was just around 3400,- £ after 2 months I get an email saying they would pay 400,- £ and that would now close the case, that was start February, and still haven’t received the 400, or got an reply for my last email to the, asking what the 400 was supposed to cover, but real insurance when traveling, this one is not worth the money.

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Maybe that is why they are changing vendor? I’m interested in knowing how did they get to the 400 out of the original 3K

Yes that will be interesting, the 2 numbers is rather far from each other, I think I will try to call them instead, maybe then I can get some answers

Would be interested to know since now they have the same insurer than a competitor that seems to have efficients insurances.

Does Revolut travel insurance eventually work in 2022 for EU citizens? Seems like in many countries we still have government “warnings” or appeals to avoid non essential traveling abroad. Terms of Revolut insurance says “blablablah… provided that you are not travelling against the traveladvice issued by the government of your country of residence”.
I am wondering if for example “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs appeals for the avoidance of unnecessary foreign travel” is something often quoted to refuse insurance claims.

As a Metal customer for the past few years (from 2018), I feel that finally, my plan will be worth the money with the new Travel Insurance from Allianz.

I read the terms of Allianz here, which by the way, are not available for the UK site and me, it seems that they are at least in pair with all the major travel insurance providers.

As I plan to make a big trip from the UK to the US in April, I wanted to ask how you feel about using Revolut travel Insurance by Allianz as your only insurance?

Yes, for me was the same. Travel insurance is useless. I delivered them all documents and still not enough. I travelled by car one way and couldnt prove it. Still wanted plane ticket. It was only 100euro but still…. cant wait when my premium plan gonna end

Hi thare, my I ask for advice. I upgraded from Premium to Metal program like 6 mounth ago, but in the insurance police is still the Premium. I would like to travel with children whitch in Metal program are included. Do you know how to upgraded in the app? thanks for any advice

Try getting a confirmation from the support team, to be sure and to have the right insurance in the app

Try getting a confirmation from the support team, to be sure and to have the right insurance in the app. Service for metal is usually fast enough

I had t tried to use the new Allianz cover because my airline cancelled my flights with about 12 hours notice. After speaking with Allianz airline cancellation is not covered, this seems like something pretty basic that should be in an insurance policy?

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I’d say YES, but tell me, which benefit were you trying to use?
As of April 1st at least for me, this is covered:

  • We’ll cover you for trip delays, interruptions and cancellations, as well as lost, stolen, damaged or delayed baggage, and lost, stolen or destroyed travel documents on domestic trips, as long as you are at least 100km from your home or on an overnight stay in a different city
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