Using my Revolut card during my Erasmus exchange in Northern Ireland


Hello, I’m from Spain and next week I’ll be starting my Erasmus exchange in Northern Ireland, so I have some questions that hopefully you’ll be able to help me out with.

I’m thinking about carrying no cash (sterling pounds) with me from Spain, and once I arrive to Belfast airport withdraw some cash from a ATM with my Revolut card, previously topped-up. Is it a bad idea?

My actual bank in Spain applies a charge of 5% for currency exchange and the minimum amount I can change is 300€ which is a 15€ commission and I don’t even get £250. Should I change some money in my bank just in case that my Revolut card fails?

That’s all. Thank you all for your attention.


Hi @DavidGL,

You can either exchange your Euro to GBP in the app and get the rate of the day. Or you can let your Revolut card auto-convert your balance to GBP at the best rate, at the time of each transaction. In either case, you can get the best available rate.

Just to let you know you can withdraw £500 for free from an ATM per calendar month, with a 2% fee thereafter!


Thank you very much for your reply. So, do you recommend me to withdraw some money once I arrive to Belfast? I expect to use my Revolut card everywhere it’s accepted so I’m not so concerned about those £500 withdrawal limit.
If I use my Revolut card to pay anywhere there’s no limit, right?


David you can either withdraw money or just use the card for all your payments, that’s a personal choice.