Using my physical card abroad


I got my free card over the weekend (Thanks Revolut, you’re too kind :wink: ).

I spoke to live chat the other day to confirm that my account has been verified so I can use my card.

Now the thing I haven’t found is about using it abroad.

If I do a Chip and Pin and contactless over here does that mean I can use it abroad or is there anything in my account that needs to be checked, approved or qualified for me to do so?

I’m off across Europe in a few weeks and wouldn’t like having the money on the card for it not to leave when I need it to.


After first usage (chip & PIN) you can use it wherever cards are accepted (actually, you can activate your card abroad too😉)

Check your security settings in the app are what you want.

Carry a backup solution in case of issues (IMHO vital whether using Revolut or any other card)

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