Using my card on holiday in Cyprus


I’m on holiday in Cyprus and have both a GBP and EUR accounts. I used my Revolut card and it defaulted to my GBP instead of taking from my EUR. Any advice? I thought it would select my EUR account with being in Cyprus.


Hey @emmajayne :slight_smile:

When paying or withdrawing money, did you accept any conversion or choose to be charged in GBP by any chance?

You should always choose to be billed in the local currency and refuse any currency conversion offered by the ATM/POS :wink:

If that’s not the case, did you have enough balance in the EUR balance alone to cover for the whole transaction? :smile:


Thank you so much for your quick reply. It was in the supermarket so I used the chip and pin.

Haha yes there was more than enough to cover the bill from the EUR - in fact it only just scrapped through the amount in GBP.

Do I need to check anything on the card machine to make sure it’s in EUR?


Hey @emmajayne :slight_smile:

The POS will say something like the things shown in the images sometimes:

There’s a chance the cashier chose it for you, unfortunately, or didn’t know what to do and just pressed “Ok” :frowning:

There’s a quick way to check this: if you keep the receipt, take a look. If the final amount shows in GBP, you’ve been a “victim” of Dynamic Currency Conversion :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You should always check the POS before you use your card. Unfortunately, they don’t bother to ask what currency you would like to pay.


Thank you both very much. I’ll keep my eye on that :blush:


Hi, with the opportunity of seeing this post I would like to mention something as well.
I tried to withdraw cash from ATM in Northern Cyprus (Turkish Lira) but my request was declined from several ATM.
Although I made a transaction - specifically in a supermarket - and yes I chose to pay in Turkish Lira.
Why I couldn’t withdraw cash from these 3 ATM I tried?
Thank a lot.