Using Metal Card in USA - Not as shiny as it used to be

It’s fully advertised as V Pay only and it really is not co-branded.
Since “ELV” technically isn’t really a card payment afterall (religious war incoming! :wink: ), it was rather surprising to me afterall. So I’m just guessing that this is the reasoning behind it. Especially that the V Pay card data is populated correctly on the magstripe.

This is not co-badged. It’s the Nordea V-Pay card in Denmark. It has a full magstripe as a fallback system. I’ve used it quite a bit in the US.

Hm, this seems to be a special kind of card. Could be Visa Electron instead on the magstripe?

Here’s an official source:

Since it’s unfortunately only in German, I will clumsily translate the bold parts.

Visa Europe hat für europäische Verbraucher die Chip- und PIN-basierte Bankkarte V PAY entwickelt. Als erstes SEPA (Single European Payments Area)-konformes Produkt verwendet V PAY durchgängig den sicheren EMV-Chip.

Bei V PAY erfolgen die Transaktionen ausschließlich per Chip- und PIN-Technologie. Zahlungsrelevante Kontodaten auf dem Magnetstreifen können nicht mehr missbräuchlich verwendet werden (sogenanntes „Skimming“). Seit der Produkteinführung von V PAY 2007 ist kein einziger Betrugsfall durch Skimming aufgetreten. Lediglich Zusatzservices wie der Kontoauszugsdrucker oder Türöffner erfolgen noch magnetstreifenbasiert.

As the first SEPA compliant product, V Pay always uses the secure EMV chip.

With V Pay, all transactions are processed exclusively with chip and PIN technology. Account details relevant for transactions can’t be misused, skimming is not possible.

Only additional services like printers for statements or door openers use the magstripe.

Doesn’t sound like a very good deal if it degrades that quickly. Has anyone’s experience been any different? I am still waiting for mine. I will try and update the thread.

I solved the problem, made my own “Metal platinum card” :slight_smile:


How did you manage to remove the layer? :slight_smile:

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Probably with fine sandpaper…or fine steel wool…

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I ordered metal card, and I got the metal pack, but I got premium card, why? :frowning:

If you upgraded to metal you need to order the metal card separately. The new premium cards look almost as the metal card (the dark gray/black one)

They even share in their Instagram account that their metal card gets worn out easily… :man_facepalming:


They should go titanium like Apple!

they really know how to use social media :rofl:

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You’re handing over your card, @edimmax? Out of convenience, or is that what salespeople want? Here in Germany, I never have to hand over my card.

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Well you need to feel the Metal card. Makes no sense to see it. So yeah, I give it to them so they can feel the awesomeness. :laughing:

Last time I gave it to the waiter in the restaurant he was like: “It’s heavy and feels good.” Mission accomplished. :rofl:

So that’s what we’ve become: Scared of having a payment card scratched. :sweat_smile:

It’s made for being used. :wink:


Ah yeah… I just got my Metal… and contactless is feeling like a waste… especially if it’s Apple Pay :joy:

Since there are NFC ATM I see no problem of using any card in sense of wear of plastic or aluminium.

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First I sanded it down, then I polished it to remove and buff all the sanding micro scratches and viola! :smiley: Shiny Revolut Metal :smiley: - Sorry for the late reply :stuck_out_tongue:

Also no worries now of it being scratched :stuck_out_tongue: it ages nicely now :smiley: haha

Here is my shiny baby :slight_smile: :blush:

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