Using Metal Card in USA - Not as shiny as it used to be


I posted this on Twitter as well but thought I’d post on here as well so more people see it

So…been using my Metal card in the USA and it worked flawlessly each time however, although there are quite a few chip and pin machines around, a lot of the time you still have to swipe the card in the machine as opposed to using actual chip and pin. Some stores you have to swipe the card face up, others you have to swipe face down. After doing this quite a few times over there, it leaves the top edge of the Metal card looking a bit worse for wear and definitely not looking as “prestigious” (for want of a better word) as it used to be which is quite disappointing given the cost of the Metal account

Metalic cards restock?

Well maybe the new design will be more resistant (if it’s gonna be the new design ) :smile:


Exactly the same as mine. I only owns it for a few months and the edges are getting off :frowning: I thought its gonna be much more durable than my plastic cards and I’m slightly disappointed as well


Real question is why the heck usa still using ancient swipe method? wtf :frowning:

p.s. Meanwhile in .EU we are in process to use contactless everywhere (to certain amount). Which is cool. Helps to reduce cards wear&tear considerably. Yay for .EU :slight_smile:


Maybe same as in the Japan thread.


i also have this problem since day 1
the edges are silver now! :cry:


Swipe payment always is safer, faster and easier as you don’t need to wait or use the pin to process the transaction. Also with the pin the liability pass to the customer which is not good at all! If someone find your pin and use is, it is hard to prove that it wasn’t you!


I somehow doubt that swipe is safer. Wasn’t pin method invented becouse magnetic stripe is easy to clone?