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Hi I have only used my Revolut card in pairs. I’m going on holiday to spain in may and wondered will I be able to use this in most shops and places do you think? Before I start transferring my spending money on to it wanted to check!!!


Everything should be ok.
Please read this:


Hey @Tjade89 :slight_smile:

Almost every tourist place will accept cards.
Most supermarkets (Mercadona, Carrefour, bigger ones) will accept them too, while others (Dia) will sometime ask for a minimum purchase.

Almost every single restaurant will accept cards. So overall, you should have no problems. Regarding ATMs, avoid Santander and BBVA. Be careful with CaixaBank/laCaixa and Sabadell ;

Be also careful to be charged in EURO, not in GBP. Try to keep the card reader in your hand if possible, as many times the waiter/cashier will not know English properly and will just push the green button for you, and that might result in extra costs for you :wink:


Hi @Juliopp -

1> Can I please ask: - which ATMs in Spain would not charge any fees for cash withdrawal in Spain?

2> Which option to choose in the card reader while making a payment in a Bar, Shop, Restaurant


Hey @Abhinav :slight_smile:

1.- I know Santander, BBVA, laCaixa, Sabadell and most likely Bankia Will charge you a fixed fee in most cases. Avoid Santander, this fee is 5€ in most cases. However, from my experience, ATMs in Spain should warn you beforehand when withdrawing about any potential fees.

2.- Well, there are many ways to understand this question.
I would use Contactless or PIN, avoiding the magnetic stripe, which is marginal in Spain.
If asked, between Checking, Savings or Credit, do not choose Credit.
If offered, refuse any currency conversion and choose to be charged in the local currency (EUR for Spain that is :sunny:)

Hope it’s useful!


I used Deutsche Bank Feb 6th. No fees, make sure you choose Local Currency at ATMs and paying bills.


Thanks @Juliopp !!

so, 1> guess there is no way to save ATM fees in Spain with almost all banks charging?
2> If using PIN, I shall use the Red button option which means t be charged in Euros.

Can I please ask a 3rd question: -

3> Would it be a good idea to withdraw Euros in London with my Revolut card and carry cash instead of withdrawing with a fee in Spain?
Would there be a charge for withdrawing Euros in London ?