Using in spain


Hi I have only used my Revolut card in pairs. I’m going on holiday to spain in may and wondered will I be able to use this in most shops and places do you think? Before I start transferring my spending money on to it wanted to check!!!


Everything should be ok.
Please read this:


Hey @Tjade89 :slight_smile:

Almost every tourist place will accept cards.
Most supermarkets (Mercadona, Carrefour, bigger ones) will accept them too, while others (Dia) will sometime ask for a minimum purchase.

Almost every single restaurant will accept cards. So overall, you should have no problems. Regarding ATMs, avoid Santander and BBVA. Be careful with CaixaBank/laCaixa and Sabadell ;

Be also careful to be charged in EURO, not in GBP. Try to keep the card reader in your hand if possible, as many times the waiter/cashier will not know English properly and will just push the green button for you, and that might result in extra costs for you :wink: