Using in Croatia


I am travelling to Croatia from the UK next week and have just noticed that GBP can’t be exchanged to HRK in the app.

If I use my revolut card to pay for things or take money out, will I be charged a fee the same as if I were to use my regular UK bank card? Also would the exchange rate work out different?



I suggest to read the “Getting started” and “Exploring Revolut” sections in the FAQs. You will find answers to your question and plenty more useful details that you might find helpful on a trip.



Maybe one important point regarding Croatia - their ATMs are often refusing Revolut cards for withdrawals. Be careful to have another option for cash withdrawals.


If you found the answer in FAQ and he didn’t maybe instead of telling to read FAQ you should link the right FAQ answer.
For me Revolut FAQ is being unclear sometimes and it can be confusing.


I am Croatian and often use my Revolut card in Croatia on different ATMs and never had any problems withdrawing.



I am planning a trip to Croatia and want to use Revolut card. I heard it’s best to use USD card, when paying. My main account is in GBP. Having active GBP, EUR and USD account on revolut, how it will know where to take money from to get best rate?

Thanks for all suggestion in advance.


Dear @madoleo,

The following article from the FAQ should answer your question:

The card selects which currency to use in the following order:

1.The currency of the payment (e.g. if you are in the UK carrying out a transaction in Euro, we will deduct funds from your Euro balance)
2.Your base currency, which is determined by your home address
3.The next active currency with a sufficient balance

Hope it helps.


Dear @Rowan,

Maybe it’s already too late but in order to help other people having the same question, here is the answer, coming from the FAQ:

Revolut currently supports card payments and ATM withdrawals in over 140 currencies wherever Mastercard and Visa are accepted.
There are only a few currencies remaining unsupported, including: ZWD, CKD, KID, PND, TVD, AMD, FOK, ERN, BTN, EHP, CUC, SHP, GGP, JEP, IMP, SDG, SYP, IRR, PRB, SOS, KPW.
You can currently only hold and exchange between USD, GBP, EUR, PLN, CHF, DKK, NOK, SEK, RON, SGD, HKD, AUD, NZD, TRY, ILS, AED, CAD, HUF, JPY, MAD, CZK, QAR, THB, and ZAR on the app.

Meaning that you can exchange HRK but not hold it from my understanding.



Hello everyone! I am going to spend 5 months in Croatia, and my currency is EUR. Can I use my Revolut card to shop around and withdraw money? Would it be better than my native debit card? And if yes, would this use make sense for such a long-term stay?
Thank you in advance, really new to this, kinda confused.


Revolut is good to use all over the place where you can pay by card. Dont use Euronet ATMs( extra charge). On the weekend as always Revolut markup so try to survive with the cash which there is Revolut limit for cash withdrawal. Markup not that high 1% so still competitive to exchange office but 1% is also money…


When I visited Zadar area in Oct. my :r: MasterCard was accepted in almost every location. Only exception: a restaurant with cash only policy.

The longer you stay the more sense it makes to use :r: – if you ask me.

The rest is well explained by @andras.szalkai :relieved:
Euronet will charge you 22Kn (if I remember correctly) or you’ll have to accept their exchange rate.

Search the community for “ultimate list” :wink:


I think the obvious thing is to read a good few posts across different fintech forums and then realise Euronet is actually the worst ATM provider for non-locals on the planet, and to avoid them purely to put them closer to being out of business :slight_smile: