Using GBP or EUR

Hello All

Just wondering how I should use the Revolut app when I’m abroad. I know that if you have credit in GBP and use your card abroad Revoult will convert from the local currency. The question really is if I’m holidaying in Spain should I exchange to Euro’s or just leave credit in GBP ? and is the app intelligent to use up the Euro balance instead of the GBP balance when abroad.

I hope this makes sense.



Hi Karim,

yes, if you have sufficient funds for a payment in a certain currency the local currency is used. You can convert into EUR beforehand if you think you will benefit from an exchange rate that is in your favout or to avoid Revolut’s weekend markup.

I also recommend reading the FAQs thoroughly before your trip. They have plenty of useful informations about how to avoid costs with ATMs and dynamic currency conversions and so on.