Using Disposable Cards for services that store your card details


Maybe I’m misunderstanding something, but if the card number is changing after every payment, I wonder where it makes sense to use those cards in the first place.

What I mean is, when shopping online (e.g. Amazon, Apple, Google, you name it), many companies store your CC details to make it easier for you to pay again later. As it would be pretty annoying to change the CC number for every payment, I wonder what the use case is for disposable cards.
Online stores where you buy for the first time and don’t know if you want to trust them? (if so, then why buy there?)
Would the card number change already be triggered by the initial authorisation that most companies perform? I hope not
Can someone enlighten me please? :wink:


You can still create a normal virtual card


Which is not an answer to the initial question: what is the use case for disposable cards


When you order online and you don’t want to store your card
When you order online using a public WiFi (or worst, a public computer)


Topping up a local credit card while travelling in phillipines. Or buying travel tickets in country where you don’t trust the government.


Hmm OK I think I’m getting a sense of it. I would mark both your comments as solution, but Iskender was first so he gets it :slight_smile:


The idea is very good especially while traveling and using public/ hotel WiFi.

But I won’t recommend booking airline tickets with any virtual card… :grimacing:


You mean any disposable virtual card or regular virtual cards?


Any virtual card.

In some cases airlines might request showing the card used for the booking.


Ah ok understood. Yeah that makes sense.