Using different SIM cards

Hi, I’m travelling to Hong Kong and then Sydney this month. To stop crazy phone bills I’m getting a different local SIM card for each country.

My question is, how easy will it be for me to access the Revolut app on my phone if the SIM in my phone isn’t the one linked to my account?

Do I just need to swap SIMs (back to the registered number) if I want to use the app?

I’ve looked at the community answers but can’t find an answer to this. Apologies if I’m asking s dumb question!

Thanks to anyone who can help with this.

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Hey @Ladyah :slight_smile:

Yes, every time you’re required to receive an SMS code:

  • when logging in
  • when adding a new beneficiary
  • when…?

As long as you’re able to swap the SIM and receive SMS again, you should be fine :wink:

Maybe consider a cheap dual SIM phone for the trip?

Good idea. The new Nokia 3310 is quite cheap.

You can change the Revolut Number in settings with the new one in HK, then change it again in Sydney, then again at home.

It works :slight_smile: you don’t have to swipe SIM cards, no worry, just use the local one. You’ll get all messages there.

Ah that sounds like the perfect solution!

Thank you!