Using Curve Card for 1% Cash Back everywhere


Hey. When thinking about how to maxmise my cash back, an idea came to mind. Would it be possible to add the Revolut Card to Curve and set the currency of the card to USD? Then, regardless of where you used the card you would be charged in USD, and therefore get 1% cash back from Revolut.

The only question left to answer then is; Would you get Revoluts exchange rate or Curves? How bad/good is Curves exchange rate?


curve’s exchange rate isn’t that great, you will need to switch the card currency to match your spending. except on weekends, when curve could be giving you a better exchange to your base currency than revolut… unless you pre exchange obviously.


AFAIK they count cashback based on country where money is spent, not on currency… But yes-it is possible to add Revolut card to Curve.


I am unaware of how Curve does their conversion and their webpage unfortunately does not give much information either. However, as long as the different from Revolut and Curve is less than 1%, it would be worth it.


Those to are more often than not related, but I do not think it is true. As long as your card gets charged in a non-European currency, you should earn cash back.


I did not read the T&C for the cash back, but I remember the way, 1% cashback outside of Europe. Using another currency within Europe does not seem to me as a working alternative. But, just try and will see! If it really works, stating this loophole in :r: community is making sure not to be a long term thing :slight_smile:


curve transactions are reflected as online payments to the underlying card, so they will never be counted as purchases outside Europe… so, if that’s the condition for the cashback of the metal card, you won’t get any.


I might be wrong, but I honestly do not think this is something Revolut would do something about even if there excisted a «loophole». As Revolut gets less money from the card issuer in Europe than the rest of the world, the cash back is also lower. As long as they get the money, I don’t think they mind.


If that is the case, I would assume you do get cash back, but I will try out just to be sure.


I’m using Curve’s cash-back for 3 specific merchants. It’s 1%. And also 0.1% from Revolut. :thinking:


You would get both :). A double conversion. The scenario would be:

Say it’s a Euro purchase. Curve would convert Euro to USD and present that to Revolut. Revolut would then convert from USD to whatever your currency wallet contained.

I’m not sure if this double forex conversion would be worth the 1%.

Incidentally now Curve use something like the interbank rate too, with a weekend surcharge. Similar to Revolut.