Using card in USA


I want to knnow what happen when using card physically in USA.

I can have problem wth the card about microchip.

What can I do to have support in USA and spend money on card.

Thank you for your answer


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Hi Aristote75,

Probably you will asked to swipe your card instead to use your chip. So every time you swipe your card the cashier will ask you to sing instead of use your PIN. In case that the POS ask you for Credit of Debit , use Credit if you swipe your card. Debit is only works for US issue Debit cards. And of course in the app keep enable in the security the magnetic swipe payments.

In addition to what was written here, some machines don’t work because Revolut does not support offline PIN. NY Metro and bike rental kiosks in Chicago are some examples.

And don’t get confused how restaurants settle the additional tip.

Thank you for the answer