Using card abroad

Hi, this may be a silly question.

I am from the UK and I have a Revolut mastercard with approx £500 sterling balance and a $500 dollar balance.

If I go abroad to a country accepting US Dollars (and have sufficient balance in that currency) - if I go to pay for a hotel stay or something similar, will the payment just come off my US dollar balance? I read something that as UK is my host country (therefore £ sterling) it will always use that by default.

Obviously, I’m hoping by default it will use the $ credit balance.

Thanks in advance

Hey Lordbell.

It will first use the USD balance if it can cover it, if not then it will use your base currency, if your base currency does not have enough funds it will use the currency with the highest amount on it.

You can find the details here

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Thanks Henrik.

Will that effectively be an instant payment, just like a credit card?

I used the bank transfer function recently and it seems the receiving bank charged the receiver $5.



Yes, it will be a payment like with a credit card.

The thing you should keep in mind is to decline any possible offers for conversion when you pay in USD - otherwise they will charge you in GBP and you are back to square one.

As for the bank transfer being charged, that depends on the type of transfer and the recipient’s bank.


Last question - so the two balances I see on my phone are the balances that are effectively on my physical mastercard? So in effect it’s a prepaid credit card in various currencies?

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Correct, to be absolutely precise a (prepaid) debit card, not credit

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Just to make it clear, the card is connected to your accounts, the funds are not on the card. This means you can have two cards connected to the same account :slight_smile:

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Important clarification :+1: