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Overall I like your service and was interested to see you now provide personal bank accounts. However the fact that transferring money into the account must include a reference code along with the IBAN/Account number is too impractical in my opinion. It’s fine for me when topping up my account, but I’m not going to rely on other people to provide it or get it correct, it’s too easy for mistakes to be made, and then we have to inform you about it to get it rectified. For me, this just isn’t a practical solution when other bank accounts don’t have this problem, so I won’t be using it in this way unless this issue get addressed.

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Hi @shane, welcome!

Two things. A top-up via bank transfer (and reference code) via IBAN must be from an account in your name. So, relying on other people here is not a problem at all. :slight_smile:

Revolut is working on providing unique EUR / USD IBANs for customers, like they are saying in their app. Until then, the current account features are limited to UK / GBP.


Hi Frank,

Yes, but I’m not talking about topping up the account from anything other than my account, I’m simply saying providing the reference number in this instance isn’t a big issue.

However your new bank account service would have to accept money from other sources, and when I get to the GBP account it still tells me not to forget to include the reference, this is the problem. If I’m providing account details to someone else, then the reference becomes a potential problem, and one I don’t want to have to deal with if mistakes are made.

It is irrelevant whether it is GBP/EUR or USD, if the reference number still has to be provided the same potential problems arise regardless of account.

Can you tell me why the reference number is required even though customers will have their own IBAN number?


Hi @shane,

Technically, there shouldn’t be a reference code required when all customers will have their own IBAN. I think think the reference code won’t be required to be entered when it is possible to have third parties send money to the account with the personal IBAN. Until this happens, The reference code you’re looking for can be found in the app unter profile -> bank account details -> just pick any currency here and you’ll find every information you need.


If you don’t see a sort code / account number information in the app with no reference of the reference (sorry for the pun), this feature seems not to be active for you. I would ask the support about it.

For clarification: there is no individual IBAN yet. They only offer sort code / account number with the option to accept third party incoming transfers. Check the “local” tab in the GBP bank account details.

When Revolut first introduced this new feature, they asked customers to agree to new T&Cs. Unless one agrees to the new terms, the individual account details won’t show up.


@C0ldwater & @Frank

Thanks for the replies.
OK, I see individual IBANs will be on the way eventually. I hadn’t realised they currently weren’t, so I understand the need for the reference presently.

Although in that case I’m not quite clear on the underlying structure.
One bank account managed by a Revolut interface based on reference numbers?
Individual accounts managed by a Revolut interface (in this case I’m still not clear on the need for a reference)?
Something else?



IT infrastructure is in development. I am also not sure what exactly your question here is. Revolut started without offering unique account numbers at all. They introduced UK/GBP account numbers recently. And they’re working on introducing EUR/USD IBAN account numbers in the near future.


That is what I don’t understand, why are reference numbers still required if the accounts provided to users now are truly unique? I understand the reason for them if they are not unique. So I’m still not clear on the underlying architectural setup.


Well, the reference is not required if you’re using the new, unique, sort code / account number (only for GBP transfers). But they are required for IBAN transfers, since IBANs are not unique yet.

Don’t think in traditional banking terms here. “Unique accounts” and “unique account numbers” are two different things.


But the GBP account number and sort code is the same as that provided in part of the GBP IBAN code. And the App tells me not to forget the reference even under the Local GBP account. As long a references are required I only see potential headaches in using a Revolut provided bank account over others.

Anyway, cheers.


You’re right. Only when the requirement for the reference code is lifted, third party incoming transfers can be accepted. (It’s not just it would be cumbersome to tell other people to use this code for a transfer, incoming transfers from accounts not in your name will be rejected.)

I can’t confirm that the “local” and “IBAN” numbers are identical. They are definitely different for me, and there is no need for a reference. See screenshot.

To me, it sounds like what I mentioned before: the local account is not active for you. Did you accept new T&Cs, is your account fully verified, and did you ask the support why you are not seeing your unique account number?


OK I see yours is different than mine. The only T&Cs I remember seeing recently were earlier in the year, which also included changes to the free withdrawal limit at ATMs. I only asked support about missing references previously, I’ll go back and ask them about the unique account. I’m not currently based in the UK though, so maybe that could be a reason too.

Anyway, thanks for all the help and info.


Hello People,
Seriously? All I have been reading here seems that having provided my account details ( supplied by Revolut on my app themselves) to a third party to send money to me, are you saying the fund won’t reflect in my account, because I have been waiting for it for long!



Check the FAQs! (Seriously :wink: )

Topping up in GBP:

Yes, you can receive third party payments like a salary into your unique UK current account. You can share your Revolut sort-code and account number with friends easily. Tap ‘Top Up’ by ‘Bank Transfer’ and select ‘GBP’. Then hit the export button in the top-right of the screen.

Topping up in EUR/USD:

Currently you can top-up your Revolut account only from a bank account registered in your name. Transfers from third parties, including but not limited to companies, friends & family, will be returned to the sender’s account after deducting processing fees of £5.

If someone else wishes to transfer money to your Revolut account, they can open their own account and then top it up via debit or credit card. They can then transfer this to you instantly via the ‘Send’ function.


Yeahhhh, I believe I knew GPB can be top up from transfers from third parties NOW. And that is what I did.
But I have been waiting for it to reflect since.


Hi I need advice on receiving a recurring transfer from a 3rd party from Germany. I actually signed up for the account thinking this was an option. Am I wrong? I have been searching for my account number/details but I don’t find them for any kind of transfer.
Thank you in advance


Just reading the post above

“If someone else wishes to transfer money to your Revolut account, they can open their own account and then top it up via debit or credit card. They can then transfer this to you instantly via the ‘Send’ function.”

Does this mean if Family In Germany have an account they can send me Euros regularly? It is for Maintenance payments.


Just activate your personal EUR IBAN from within the app. Then third party transfers are no problem.