Using API for an student / professional project ?


I would like to know if it is possible for a group of students they working on a professional project where we need to use the API ?

Actually, i have opened an account for Business Revolut for use the API, but it had been closed because i’m not corresponding at what your expect for being a customer (an user of the business solution).
And i couldn’t see what your advisor explained to me in the chat when he deleted my account because he closed my account before i could read what he explained to me … :confused:

Your API is really interesting for what i’m trying to develop. I’m working with my group on a graduation project where we want propose a solution for help handicapped and vulnerable peoples.

Also i have tried to send you an email on your address for partnerships near to one week ago now, and i still to have no answer.
Can i hope have one ? Or if i don’t have it’s because you are not interested by the project i working on and you don’t want searching with me for implement my solution with your one ?

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Hello @Laoup

I am really sorry we could not offer you service at this time. Our internal team is aware of your API interest and we may contact you in the future. I hope we will be able to work on this going further.

Thank you.


Is there any plans to update the API documentation like Stripe do with your own account details and dummy data within that to test with?