User suspended for violating our T&Cs


Revolut Team dont answer to my email about legal question. Yhey ignoring me and they have stole my money on my account I contact the CNIL


The information you provided does not really help to give you any meaningful feedback.


The information I provided is the reality. They are crook team in revolut they stole personnal data and my money. They block me the acces to chat support. It is illegal for asking some legal question for example


I am sorry I have no idea what you are trying to say.

If you want some help here you should try to explain what exactly happened.


I told you exactly what happened !! You have stolen my money about a refund, youblock me the acces to the chat support about legal question, you have close my account with my money, and you dont respect the request about your legal departement with my stolen personnal data


I have stolen your money? I have no respect? Sorry you seem confused :wink:

And no, you havent explained what happened. Your “stolen” reference is hardly reasonable.


YES !!
REVOLUT you have stolen my money !
your crook team will finish in Jail


@Johnny1 Give us details, what is your problem exactly?
Did you contact the in-app support chat?

I edited your title, the all caps title of 300 chars was unpleasant.

PS: They did not steal your money. They’re a business, everything is regulated, they’re not here to steal people’s money. If anything, it’s a misunderstanding between you and them.


His money was stolen, isnt that enough? :smiley:


Dude relax. This is a forum. We DO NOT work for Revolut. We are helping our peers because we like the service. So in order for us to provide with information based on our experience, then please relax and write a proper post explaining what happened and what you want answers to.


How do you do that ?


With the edit button, next to the title. Depends on your rank on this forum though.


Please be aware that the replies so far have been from fellow users of the service, not Revolut staff. This forum is to try and resolve problems and seek advice from user members of the community.

Not much feedback can be given on the little info so far provided.


Thought so, seems like in not high enough yet :sunny:


He most likely did something stupid, and as per rules of T&C his account got flagged and business relationship was discontinued with him.


No, no, I have stolen the money. I am upfront about it :wink:


I should mention that it’s hard to give this topic a proper title, as we still don’t know what really happened other than “THEY STEALL MY MONEY!!!111”



Didn’t we say 50/50, where’s my share?


I told you exactly what happened many time.
Also about chat support blocked for me.

in revolut crrok team you edit the title without my permission, youblock me the access to chat support.

you stolen my money about a refund, and you dont respect the legal departement of your website when you blockme the acces to chat support about legal question about my stolen personnal data


Well, I did all the stealing, didnt I