Used revolut card for filling up on gas - huge amount reserved

I know it’s not a good practice to use a prepaid card in gas stations but I was distracted and now I wonder what will happen.

When using a ‘regular’ credit card the reserved amount has never been a problem but now the reserved amount is subtracted from my balance (status ‘pending’). I’ve got a receipt that shows that the gas station has reverted the reserved amount but this transaction hasn’t appeared in my overview.

Do I just need to wait the full 7 days before the ‘pending’ amount should automatically be reverted?

Basically, it’s the same for all cards. You just don’t see it with regular credit cards. How long it takes depends on the merchant. Authorized amounts can be released actively by the merchant or they can expire if the merchant does not claim it during the 7 days.

Since you got a receipt showing the amount was reverted, it should be faster than 7 days. I would expect something up to 48 hours.