Use the card on machines without PIN



I live in Germany and in the building that I live there are washing machines with a card machine in order to pay. When I introduce the card it says that the card is invalid. What can I do in order to make the payment? Since to go to a wash salon, takes me at least 30 minutes on travel and spend almost 2 hours to wash and dry.

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Adnilson Delgado


Unfortunately you don’t provide a lot of information about what you did check in advance, so not sure how to help you here without telling you to simply ask your landlord for help.

Did you, for example, check that prepaid Mastercard/VISA cards are accepted there?

Probably it’s an old proprietary token system with a special card you need to load with tokens somewhere?

Most likely though since you said “germany” it only accepts german “girocards” perhaps and not Mastercard/VISA? This is the most probable explanation with the little information you provide.

In case you checked all that and it indeed accepts Mastercard/VISA, it’s highly likely it does not support online transactions needed with prepaid cards if your Revolut card isn’t accepted.

Only if it does indeed accept prepaid Mastercard/VISA you can use your Revolut card there and then if that doesn’t work you might want to contact the support or check your security settings in the App.
Otherwise you’re out of luck with Revolut card(s) here.


This is the the machine:

I have seen a person use a N26 card there.


This doesn’t show anything about what type of cards is accepted there

There are also N26 Maestro cards for example, and N26 cards are debit cards that allow for offline use up to 100EUR, Revolut cards are prepaid that don’t allow any kind of offline use.

Please ask the person responsible for the machines what types of cards are accepted, noone else knows.

Most likely you are out of luck though with the Revolut card if it simply doesn’t work.