Use the Card in Paraguay?


I want to use your Card in Paraguay. What can I do and what will it cost?

  • I think it is no Problem to go shpping
  • Can I get cash money on a local terminal?
  • Can I sent Money to a local account? How much will it cost? Paraguay uses Guarani - this is not in Your list.
  • Are there any limitations?
  • What are eventually costs depends on?

Many questions, but I hope I can use Your card in Paraguay.

Thank You and greetings


Maitei @lucky-61 :slight_smile:

You will get the live exchange rate (during business days). No fees for shopping.
You can withdraw money from an ATM/cajero for free up to €/£/$ 200 a month, 2% after that, but you can not send money in PYG/Guaranies.
You can also exchange (by purchasing or withdrawing) up to £6.000 a month or your currency equivalent.

Also, when asked what currency to pay in, if you choose EUR/GBP, the retailer’s bank will decide the exchange rate. If you choose PYG, it will be :r: :wink:

Espero que sea útil :slight_smile:


Does anyone know what ATMs can you withdraw money for free jsing Revolut? Many thanks


From FAQ: "Revolut currently supports spending, and ATM withdrawals in over 120 currencies. The current list of supported currencies include:

…, PYG, …"
So Paraguyan Guarani is supported for spending