Use Revolut in Jordan

I’ll be travelling to Jordan soon. Can I use the card once there? Do I have to contact the call centre before leaving?

Hey @yap :slight_smile:

It should work flawlessly. Remember to keep your phone with you and to connect it to the internet and open the :r: app once there. There’s no need to contact the support chat beforehand :wink:

Please, keep in mind four things before travelling:

  • if your account hasn’t been regularly used in your own country before travelling, it has greater chances of becoming locked out under certain circumstances when you travel.
  • if your account hasn’t been fully verified before travelling, it has higher chances of being blocked.
  • always choose to be billed in the local currency and decline any conversion offer.
  • :r: does not offer phone support, only a 24/7 chat support service. To chat with a live agent, just type live agent in the chat itself.
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In Jordan there’s a transaction fee for getting cash from a cash machine. You’ll have to pay it with Revolut too.

I think it’s proportional with the amount you get so there’s no way to avoid it. If I would have known that before, I’d have got all my cash in Palestine, where you can withdraw Jordanian Dinars in some banks.

Hey, how was your journey to Jordan? Revolut works there?

Did your card work in Jordan? Any issues?