Use Revolut in Denmark

Hello! Im from Portugal and Im currently in Denmark and i wanted to use Revolut until i create a local bank account. In the APP I need to create a euro account or ddk account? Also Im wondering about the amount of transfer i can do without fee and how much i pay for payment. For example if i transfer 5k to Revolut to use euros as dkk what is the fee? And if i pay on a shop with Revolut 100 euros how much it Will be? Ive talk with the chat and read online but Im not finding a clear answer. Thank you!!

It depends on where are you based now- this is important because of main currency and delivering address.
You can create Revolut account in each supported (28) currencies.
Transfer EUR to revolut will cost you as many as your bank will charge you (for SEPA transfer).
But I strongly recommend topping up via your EEA credit/debit card- it is free.
There is no fee for exchanging. If you want to pay 100 EUR, you will be debited by 100 EUR (as long as you are cancelling DCC)

Hey Rita

You need to signup using your current address of residence. So if you are in Denmark on a scholarship or visa, then use your Danish address.

When you do that, then your default currency will be DKK. But you can enable an EUR account and get a personal IBAN. Then you can just use your Portugese credit card to top up in EUR and exchange into EUR. Or transfer from your Portugeese bank account directly into Revolut and then exchange into DKK.

I am a dane and I use Revolut daily in Denmark. I have yet to see any dcc or being asked. They will just assume you want to pay in local currency.

Activate DKK account, top euros and then exchange.

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Hi henrikbjorn and all
I´m a new revolut user from Denmark (basic), and I´m hoping you can help me with this issue :slight_smile: I´m going to greece to day, and so I exchanged from dkk to euros. But now I can´t seen to find my euro balance anywhere but in the transaction history and when I try to exchange back in to dkk. Also I cannot open an account i Euro. Clearly the money is not gone, but I would be nice to be able to see my euro balance. Best regard Lars H. Wieland


I think you need to contact support. They can help you. Not sure if it is an issue with using the app or something happened when you exchanged the currencies.

Thanks Henrik Bjorn
Problem is solved. When I wanted to Exchange back from euro to DKK, the app told me, that my euro account was inactive. I activated it and now I’m able to see my euro balance and pay in euro :-).
Best regards Lars