Use of Verifier by 77 year old!

I’m asked to verify by photo of Driving Licence etc. and face. I point the phone at the Driving Licence but can’t find where to hit the screen (Samsung smartphone) to take the photo. Can anyone help?

As far as I remember it should take the photo automatically once you hold it in the right position. There should be a rectangle on the screen that the ID must fit inside.

Later for the face photo it asks to blink your eyes when you’re ready.

The photo will be taken automatically, there is a white screen which need to be fitted to your ID. Once it fits the photo will be taken and you have to take the picture of your face where a screen will appear how you should fit your face to the screen. This photo will also be taken automatically once the system is recognising your face. The screen will have a circle which fills up, once the camera is making progress on processing your ID and Face. Hope that helps.