Use in other countries, using different currencies.

Can anyone advise me, please? I am new to Revolut and have topped up my card in £ sterling. I am about to travel to Sweden and want to know if the card will work there in this currency, or do I have to set up an account in SEK? I am hoping the spend in SEK just gets automatically convereted into £UK. I cannot find anywhere on the web or my smart phone to help and the in-app chat line seems to be non-operational!


It will get converted for you automatically when you use your Revolut card in Sweden.


  • Always make sure to choose local currency on the terminal when paying (SEK in your case)
  • Weekend exchange rates can be a bit worse than during the week. If you want, you can exchange your GBP into SEK through the app during the week

Thanks Karol; that’s most helpful

I would advise to change GBP to a SEK balance before you spend. If you spend when SEK is less liquid, for example outside European trading hours, then the rate won’t be as good. If you spend when the markets aren’t trading at all, i.e. at the weekend, then Revolut can’t get a market rate, so it uses Friday’s close with a 0.5% margin to protect itself against movement before Monday morning. One of the best things about Revolut is being able to choose and fix your rate in advance (for 16 currencies), so you should make use of that.

Thanks for your advice.

No problem. But do be sure to change your GBP into SEK during European trading hours. Watch the rate over a period of several days or hours and choose a rate that you like.