use Google pay with Revolut without internet

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Perhaps my doubt is obvious, but I ask it.

Are Revolut cards available for use with Google pay or without it, when you arrive to a country and you have no phone service and/or internet~data connection?

I understand that physical card would be available, although I don’t know if new location are not notified to Revolut if you have no connection phone.

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Google Pay stores a number of tokens on the device. That means: it works without internet until you’ve run out of tokens. To renew the tokens, Google Pay does need an active internet connection. (Apple Pay works differently. With Apple Pay, tokens are generated on device, no internet connection needed.)

If your second question is if Revolut is going to ship you a physical card to your holiday destination: yes, that’s possible, I suggest to contact support for more details about this.


Hi Frank, thank you for reply. I have a priscal card, but yew I’m new on pay with mobile. Although I will have a sim card in destination, I had some doubt about how to work payments in this situations.

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Google Pay needs an internet connection only occasionally. It does not have to be mobile internet. Could be a WiFi at a coffee shop, for example.

Also: you can check the security options for your physical card, and switch off “location based security” when you don’t have mobile data.


It is curious how it work, but really great… Thanks

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Thanks for the clarification. Appreciate your help @Frank. :heart:

It’s great to hear that your query got resolved @valtf. Please let us know if you have any other concerns. :sunflower:

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