Use Curve to topup Revolut

I am trying to top-up using a Curve card (I have the Blue Beta card - mastercard) and when I type the card number in Revolut I get “This card type is not supported” but I’ve seen posts where other persons managed to use the Curve card to top-up. What is the problem?

I have graphite free card and everything works like a charm.

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and you can even use a credit card to back curve. it accounts as an online purchase. mine is black though.

Do you have the personal or commercial card? Only the personal card is free to top up from.

You can check on the back near the signature strip. Commercial cards have the word ‘Commercial’ written :slight_smile:

Also you have to have the newer full Debit Curve card issued since about January of this year. If yours is an older Curve Pre-Paid Card then it’s not supported. If so you can apply to Curve to upgrade your card.

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I have the Commercial beta, the card was issued last year, I’ve wrote an email to the support to see what is the process to exchange the card with a newer one.
I had no idea that there are two types of cards, what is the difference between personal and commercial?

In Europe now there are rules saying that no surcharges can be applied to payments by personal cards issued within the EEA. Not so with commercial cards. Merchants are still allowed to make a surcharge when accepting payments from commercial cards.


I got the feedback from the Curve support, and here are the different cards issued.

The first generation curve card was a prepaid without the 3D secure. Also, you have to change your “work” status in order to use the new debit card with out extra fees.

What do you mean by work status?

The 1st gen was only for self- employees and freelancers, giving them a commercial card. If you want to top up your revolut account from a curve card with no more surcharges you want a personal card. And this is defined by the work status you chose by the registration. So, contact with them to change your work status.

In my case they asked me to provide some papers showing that I’m hired by a company as an employee.

I’ve asked them to change me to the Debit card but they haven’t asked me if Business or Personal and from what I’ve see there is no difference in fees.

curve for business is a lot more than a card, if you just ask for an upgrade it can be implied is just a personal card.

They do not going to ask you because they know your work status, until further notice.
I did the same as you and I opened here a topic, asking why do I have to pay an extra fee in order to top using the debit curve card. The answer was that I was using a commercial type card.

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Does the changing of the status requires reissuing of the card? I’ve just asked to be reissued.
Also that means that Revolut is charging me because I will be suing a Commercial card not Curve?

Did they send the card to Greece?

Yes, if you see the back of the curve card its says if its a commercial or not. They can’t change it over the air.

Curve is not available in Greece.

Thanks. I was thinking that they changed the design, I had the blue beta which was send to Belgium but in the meantime the country was removed from the supported countries so I was curios, I was think that was the same for you.

I wander if they will ship the new card to a country that is no longer supported :slight_smile:

Yes. I had a commercial prepaid Curve card, and I contacted customer support saying I objected to being charged a surcharge.

So they issued me with a personal full Debit Card, without any problem.

And if it’s not available in Greece it will be very soon:

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