Use correct ISO 4217 currency names (e.g. Pound Sterling, not British Pound)


Please can Revolut use the correct ISO 4217 English names for each currency. In particular, please don’t make the common mistake of “British Pound” for GBP. Please instead use its correct name Pound Sterling.

British Pound” is a common error made by Americans, often the same Americans who mistakenly refer to British Airways as “British Air”. There’s no need for Revolut to copy mistakes by Americans.

Revolut’s other mistakes include:

  • Israeli New Sheqel instead of Israeli New Shekel for ILS
  • Dutch Antilles Guilder instead of Netherlands Antillean guilder for ANG
  • Marka instead of Mark for BAM

Fixing these errors should be a simple static data change, not a code change.


@AndreasK - is this something that can be fixed please?


Hey @NFH,

Thank you for your feedback. I will forward it to the right person, so we can take a look :slight_smile:


Andreas K.


Although to be fair, British Airways did change their name to British a few years ago. Everyone then did start calling it British Air (as British sounded so weird - “Hey I’m going to New York on British”.) Finally the airline realised how dumb it was then changed back to British Airways.


That’s not true at all. British Airways has never changed its name to “British”. You can see at Companies House that there are no name changes recorded since the current entity’s incorporation on 13th December 1983. Furthermore, there has never been a change of brand name or business name to just “British”. Are you thinking of Swiss International Air Lines, whose business name is simply “Swiss”?


Well OK I am sure you’re right because I doubt they renamed the company’s legal registration. I didn’t word that very well. But they renamed the brand in their advertising and aircraft were repainted to have “British” on the fuselage rather than “British Airways”.


I’ve been flying on British Airways for decades and I’ve never seen that. If it’s true, there would be some photos of “British”-branded aircraft online somewhere. Can you find any?


@AndreasK - Please can these simple errors be fixed before the next app updates? It’s not asking much!


I have already forwarded this to the team and we’re working on a fix.


There’s photos too, just use google…


@AndreasK, a simple static data change is taking rather a long time - 9 months so far.

When prioritising such work, a development manager should take into account not only the severity (low in this case) but also the development time (nil in this case). Why hasn’t this been done?


Yes it seems to be a bit weird tho. I do support the request.


Unfortunately some people doesn’t know the “iso” names of stuff…regarding GBP for example I think it’s better to keep British Pound rather than Pound Sterling.


Why? It’s not commonly known as “British Pound”. It’s known as “Pound Sterling”, its official name. ISO chooses official currency names that both widely-understood and unique.


Because they are not mandatory to use Pound Sterling and British Pound contains the word British and it easy to understand where the currency is coming from…


That’s a ridiculous reason. It’s very obviously the British currency, not least given the Union Flag that Revolut displays as well as the 2-letter country ISO code “GB” that forms the first two letters of the 3-letter ISO currency code “GBP”. There’s no need to go changing currency names.