Use a vault to pay with card


Vaults are very useful for dedicating a portion of its monthly budget to certain activities. For example, upon receipt of my salary I can assign 1/4 to food, 1/4 to hobbies, etc …

If I could choose to pay (card, transfert, …) for my food from my dedicated safe, I could consitute and follow a dedicated budget by activity.


It would also be nice to be able to link a single card (virtual or physical) to a vault.
So a single card can only get as much money as there is in the linkes vault.


I think the Vault feature also needs an option to restrict it to transactions in the same currency. While I’m travelling I don’t necessarily want part of each transaction being converted from a non-base currency (e.g. HRK) to something like EUR (currency with funds available) and then possibly converted again to the base currency of the vault (e.g. GBP or PLN).

This is what was happening to me on a recent visit to Croatia each time I used the card, so I ended up closing the vault.



One reason why I use only “one-off saving” with vaults.