USD wire transfer from London based Firm

Hello Revolut. I have this case to solve.

A London based firm must send me a wire transfer in dollars: not international wire transfer.

And it need the Sort Code (6 digitals long) and Account Number (8 digitals long).

Hi @Gorp,

I think sort codes are for US bank accounts only. ( At least to my experience ) My US account has one and my EU only the SWIFT, SEPA account numbers.

I am not entirely sure how to do a SEPA transfer in USD since you would only need to give them your SEPA account details ?


Well, the Revolut USD polled account is UK-based, so the SWIFT already contains the sort code and account number.

• The SWIFT code is an alphanumeric international code that you use in order for you to send money to another country. It identifies the country and bank of your recipient’s account.

• The sort code is a six digit code in three pairs (i.e. 12-34-56) that is used by British and Irish banks for domestic money transfers. Take note that a transfer from a British account to and Irish account is considered as an international transfer.

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where can i find out SWIFT code?